The Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

Since 1909, Mussini family crafts the highest quality balsamic vinegars, that’s why today it’s one of the most renowned and prestigious Vinegar factories worldwide. The secret of this success is in our passion, in our respect for nature’s rhythm and in our patience for the perfect moment to relish this black gold.

Balsamic is a unique vinegar, produced in limited amounts and in a narrow geographic area, because only in the Secchia and Panaro valleys Lambrusco and Trebbiano grapes grow, from which the musts needed for fermentation is obtained. This is the only area where there are high temperature changes between hot summers and cold winters that allow balsamic vinegars to age and ferment and finally only here you can find people that is capable through centuries of tradition to wait for the necessary years to truly enjoy this formidable product. This culture is still strong in Casa Mussini, where balsamic vinegars are produced exclusively from Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes.

Here at Acetaia Mussini we work hard and passionately all year long, strictly observing all the rules given by the tradition, in order to obtain an excellent product. A ventilated area is very important to allow the necessary temperature changes, as much as the disposition of the barrels sets, made of 7 different precious woods: oak, chestnut, cherry, ash, mulberry, black locust and juniper, the latter highly sought after for its inimitable aromas and perfumes. The musts ripen for years within these containers, absorbing the aroma of the tannins of these precious woods with which the barrels were built.

The result is a living product, which changes and improves over the years, offering new sensations and emotions over time: the real Balsamic Vinegar of the tradition, the best, the one with a dark brown color and with a correct and smooth density, with a complex and penetrating aroma, with a noticeable but balanced acidity, with a unique bittersweet flavor with velvety shades.

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