Casa Mussini values


There are secrets handed down from generation to generation to guarantee top quality vinegar. The finest grape musts are selected from refined grapevines, the meticulous preparation that find its roots in the local rural tradition. Respect for the taste of the tradition means honoring our homeland culture.


Balsamic Vinegar, aka black gold, is an exquisite and rare product, but its true value is measured by that something special in it: is the sensations that it gives you, the treasure of the tradition that is held in it, the special vibe only a product made with passion like ours can give you.


Balsamic Vinegar is a worldwide beloved condiment, however not every Balsamic is the same. Some are special. Some are even unique, such as Casa Mussini Balsamic Vinegar. Not a vinegar among many others but a special product, especially made for whom is after excellence.


Honoring a tradition is not simply literal, it also means being able to bring it to the present and project it to the future. Here at Casa Mussini, we’re all about innovation, always trying to understand which innovations represent us and can give value to our brand and our “tradition of excellence” we’re willing to follow. Here’s how our new products are made, respecting our identity.


As an atelier that creates a tailored suit, Casa Mussini creates its products with scrupulous attention to detail. Each bottle of balsamic vinegar, as well as every item in our line, is an art piece, from which multiple sensations arise. A little gem in which aesthetics play a key role.


The many shades of flavor, color and smell of balsamic vinegar are a source of unique sensations. Savor a special balsamic vinegar can really give an emotion, both for those people who are well familiar with this product, and for those who discover it for the first time as well. Mussini guides you in this discovery and with its products aims to make you feel a genuine emotion.


The craftsmanship of our products is a value close to our heart. More than a method of production is a way of thinking, a philosophy that allows us to look at our product as a unique artifact, crafted with an attention to detail that is unmatched in the large-scale production.


Our brand does not follow the patterns of large industrial production and is not dependent on market logic or from the paths already traced. It’s an original brand, that believes in itself and in its own potential: to change, to experiment, to be the best.

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