Acetaia Giovanni Re

Loyal to the tradition, attentive to quality

Acetaia Giovanni Re handed down for generations the original recipe of the true Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP, produced with the same artisan care our family produced vinegar in the past for their own consumption. Today the factory has modern equipments and facilities with optimized procedures, but our goal is to continue to get a homemade high quality balsamic vinegar, true to the tradition, able to preserve not only product quality but also the local cultural heritage.

Our loyal consumers in Italy and around the world know that Giovanni Re is a brand that guarantees quality and reliability and they know that all of our products, both traditional ones and those that reinvent in a modern key the tradition, such as balsamic condiments with different flavors, are made with careful attention to every detail, the only one able to give unique perfumes, aromas and nuances to the product that will come to your table.

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