Piazza Grande - Foody Italian style

Piazza Grande is an exquisite and sought after line of products, thought for beautiful things lovers, as well as delicious ones. A precious gift, for those who are looking for the highest quality and design.

Different at first sight, unique on the palate. Piazza Grande Balsamic Vinegar is a fun product, inspired by the tradition, but reinvented in a young and original way. A refined and unconventional Balsamic Vinegar, for those who love to stand out.

Good for tradition, because is made from quality ingredients, like Trebbiano, Lambrusco Grasparossa and Ancellotta grapes must, and is tailored in small barrels made of precious wood.

Beautiful for passion, because beauty is the ripen fruit of patience, aged at least three years, followed by several decantings, to create different shades of flavor.

A brand of Casa Mussini

Piazza Grande Vinegar is twice as sophisticated: both in design and taste. Because is a hearty vinegar: made with passion to give emotions.

Captivating at first glance, with their elegant boxes full of style, condiments and balsamic vinegars Piazza Grande are a perfect gift for those who love beauty in all its aspects and for those who conceives each dish like a painting of colors and flavors.

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